Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Vacation 2 and Birthday

Well, it was a wonderful vacation, just not near long enough, and now we are home, catching up on some much needed rest. Isn't it funny that we go on vacation to rest and break from work and end up coming home needing a catch-up day of rest before going back? As I write, Libby is even still sleeping, at 10 o'clock! And it's 2 days after we got back!
We had a great time in Charleston! Below are a few pics from our trip.

Classic, by the pineapple fountain/wading pool. I got one picture of Libby smiling, then another with Matt smiling, but somehow I couldn't get one of them smiling together. :)
It was a hot day, so we got a lemon Italian ice. Libby loved it!

"You've got to be a real man to wear one of these things." :) Thanks, Matt, for carrying her all over Charleston!
They built a new bridge to the Isle of Palms. It is a cool bridge, here is a pic of it.

The harbor line. Couldn't get many of the houses in the picture, but the palms came out well.

I got a few pictures of the awesome old houses on the harbor. Here are a couple. (Notice the storm moving in in the background. We made it back to our car just as the rain started in.

On our last night there, we ate at a neat restaurant on Folly Beach, then walked on the pier. It was too dark to get better pictures on the pier, but here is Libby on a bench. 7 months old! You can see a video of her at the restaurant at the bottom of this post.
So here is the awesome condo that we got!

Guest room, where Libby slept on a fortified queen bed/castle.
Master bedroom

After Charleston, we went to our church's parent-teen ministry youth retreat. We are loving being on the Admin team! Matt heads up games, etc. He was the "fun director". During the tribal war games, the blue team got him and creamed his face with their color.

After the games, some of the boys got Craig and through him into a huge mud puddle! Poor Craig, had to ride back in the trunk of a car. :)
Our last day of vacation (the day we travelled to Advance) was my brithday! I got the most wonderful gift! Matt got me a new digital camera, and a nice one at that! It's a Nikon D40. I can't wait to get started in my new hobby. And to help me do that, he also got me a feild guide book on the D40. I've already read the intro and Quick Start and can't wait for the camera to come in so I can get started! This blog will hopefully benefit from that gift with more and better quality pictures!
Here is a video of Libby at the restaurant, Blu. Thankfully, we ate at three pretty noisy places (Hymen's, Poe's and Blu). She does great at restaurants! She sits in the high chair and plays with toys and eats her food. The only problem is that she is noisy even when she is happy! As you can see in the video (only a small glimpse) she likes to scream when she's playing and is starting to get a bit violent with her toys, slamming them into the table, her hand, other toys. It's pretty funny to watch!

That's it for now, Libby is awake! Hopefully later today I'll be able to post on Libby's 7 month achievements and update. She's getting close to crawling!


Allyson said...

Oh, we LOVE LOVE LOVE Charleston!! This is the first year since we've been married that we have not been. I can't wait to take the Gavster!

Sarah said...

Libby is so cute! I think Lucy was louder than that when we went to Gatlinburg a few weekends ago and ate out...haha. She is violent with her toys too :) Your condo looks amazing! How fun!