Tuesday, August 04, 2009

7 Months and random pics

Libby is down for yet another long nap as she tries to catch up from vacation sleep. So I have another chance today to post after already having some time to read and getting a few little household chores done.
As much as I miss the infant and newborn stages, this time is so much fun! Libby is learning new things so quickly that I feel like I'm missing some of them! She sat up on her own for the first time yesterday. Granted it was on our bed, which is a bit more cushy than the floor, but she sat up from lying on her back to full sitting! She can push up to crawling position no problem now and pulls herself to standing using your hands. She's working on standing on her own, but only lasts a few seconds. While in crawling position, she can move one leg at a time, but hasn't gotten the hands down yet. Once she does, I'll have no rest as her inquisitive mind will take her all over the house and my job, I think, will become much more difficult and house cleaning will take on a whole new meaning.
I thought for a while that she would walk before she crawls, but a bit more tummy time has helped her catch up on crawling skills. She can walk while holding on to your hands, but she doesn't like to on some textures of flooring. She can hold herself up in standing position holding on to hands, or a table or anything at her level.
She's eating great! She eats a lot of whole grain rice cereal and a wide variety of baby foods. Peas are the one thing that she definitely doesn't like. She's finished all of her other foods in a day or so, but I had to throw out the peas because she would eat so little of them. I've started giving her Cheerios after soaking them for a bit. She's getting good with her finger coordination and is so fun to watch try to grab the little things!

Here are a couple more pics from our vacation.

The condo had a couple of beach chairs that we were able to borrow.

Here is Libby standing while holding on to the coffee table. (And trying to get Matt's books :)

She makes the goofiest faces sometimes!

We had a visitor in our back yard today. We have some wild turkeys that I haven't been able to catch on film, yet, but this guy was lot slower and not as camera shy. We have a variety of animals that visit our backyard from blue birds and humming birds to wild turkeys and the occasional deer or coyote. This turtle is a first. He just ambled out of the woods and I spotted his movement from our kitchen. I can't wait to get my new camera and start getting more pics of the wildlife and flowers that abound in our backyard!

I am great at killing most plants and flowers that I get! Somehow, these flowers have flourished in our planters out back. Couldn't have anything to do with Andy, our plant expert and a landscape architect, house sitting for us the week we were on vacation! :) Thanks, Andy!

Here are some pink petunias.

Here is a picture of some purple petunias in our hanging pots.
Here is a video of Libby learning to crawl. I haven't yet figured out how to get video clips from our DVD camcorder to this site, it may have something to do with the DVD-R verses DVD-RW that we're using. Maybe I'll figure it out someday, but until then, these little clips from our camera will have to work.

Here is a video of Libby practicing standing on her own. Very difficult to catch on video by myself as I also have to catch her with one hand. Sorry that you might get a neck-ache viewing this. I get so used to turning the camera for pics, I forget that you can't rotate video. :(

Now she is up, so time to feed her a late lunch, then read her a book and take her for a wagon ride around the block. I love my job!


Sarah said...

Shannon, I love the pictures of Libby sitting in the beach chair. I can't believe she can almost stand on her own. Lucy is trying to crawl too. She can get up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth but that's it. Her most effective means of transportation is dragging herself across the floor :) I'm loving the updates!

Travis and Amber said...

Shannon, your little girl is precious! BTW, we used to have a DVD camera, and I was never able to upload the videos because the files were too big I think. We sold it and bought a camera that records to a hard drive and it is very simple.