Monday, August 10, 2009

My new camera and Goldfish!

So I got my new camera on Saturday and went to town taking pictures! I am so excited to start capturing some great images! Here are a few I took that night. (I just had to take pictures of some of our decorations as it was too dark outside to get anything else.) It was so fun experimenting and I can't wait to learn more!
I liked how the light shown on the wall from this lamp.

Earlier that day I got outside and starting snapping away! I love flowers and pictures of them (as you can see from an earlier post with my old camera). This one is sooo much better!

And, of course, I had to snap a few of Libby. She was enthralled by the grass and leaves she found so she didn't look at the camera as much as she normally does. Still, I caught a few good ones.

"What is on my fingers, Mom? Can I eat it?"

I love her hands!

I think this one is hillarious! It looks like she's carrying on a conversation with me. I love those blue eyes and her little heart-shaped face!

I love her eye lashes in this one. This camera is great at picking up details! And again, her blue eyes!

Rose couldn't escape my camera either. She was shaking her head in this one and her face turned out so funny! Libby was a little concerned. :)

Libby likes playing with Rose. Actually, she just grabs and pulls and tastes her while Rose tries to avoid getting hurt.

On Sunday Matt's family stopped by, so I pulled out my camera again. Imagine that. She was giving Pappaw some kisses, then decided to go for the glasses.

She heard the camera and, as always, decided to ham it up. :) I wonder how babies know when you pull out the camera to look and smile.
Uncle Andy and Libby. Don't you like her nappy hair?
Sorry about the red-eye in this one. I haven't gotten a chance to do any touch-ups yet.

So I'm working this week while Ashley is on vacation. On the way in this morning, I put my food bag a little too close to Libby. When I got to work and opened the door to get her out, I was greeted by goldfish all over! First she chewed on the bag, then she dumped them all over her, then she decided to eat some! I haven't even given her Cheerios yet (except for some already softened in water). I guess she decided it was time to start eating real food. She apparently didn't have any trouble with them and chewed them up pretty well. This just confirms my thesis that I'm going to have a trouble maker in my hands once she can actually make her way around our house. We'll have to lock everything up!
Sorry for the poor picture quality, the lens was a bit fogged up.

That's all for now. Hope I didn't bore you with all my pictures! Hopefully in the near future the quality and settings will improve! Thanks again, Bub, for such a wonderful birthday gift!

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