Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Life at home

We got to watch Annie for a little while a couple weeks ago. The kids love their cousins so this was a treat for them! They both like to play with Annie, so she just switched off between them.

While Ty was sleeping, we had a little girl time and all got mani-pedis. :)

Pretty in pink. 

Love this picture of these two! Don't know why they're showing off their guns, guess it's a girl thing? :)

Pink fingers. Libby helped me pick this color out at the store the other day.

Little hands. So sweet!

I don't know what Libby was doing in these next two pictures, but she looks so old to me in them! I can totally see her teenage years in these. I love their genuine smiles in this one.

Cracking up.

Ty loves all things boy. He loves making car noises while driving cars around.
 My little guy is getting so big!

He's so full of smiles! Although the last couple weeks those have tapered off due to teething, I think. He's still such a happy little guy, though.

 Playing with cars together. Libby sets them up to race.
 Ty just makes a mess of her neat line.
 Another sweet smile. He's so photogenic, it's sick! :)
 I love this one!

I tried to get a couple of pics of them together. This is how most of them turned out:
 But I got 1 decent one.
 Then I attempted to get one with me in it. Those are rare. I set up the self-timer with the camera propped on a couple pillows. :) Worked alright I guess.

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