Monday, May 21, 2012

Uncle Andy's Birthday Party

We went to Andy's birthday party recently. It was a blast hanging out outside their cozy home and playing games.

Ty loved our little UT chair!
He also loved the watermelon that Libby was sharing with him. :)

It was a nice day to hang out outside and play some cornhole...

Bocce Ball...

and enjoy wonderful snacks and fellowship!
 Then there was a fun little campfire to hang out around. Libby put her chair right in between Andy and Meghan and then kept asking where the marshmallows were?
 Everyone hanging out around the "campfire."

Lydia was so cute sitting in the little chair next to her Daddy!

And then Gavin needed a little bathroom break - around the side of the house. :) Yay for boys! He cracks me up!
Don't worry, Allyson, I used the cover of daylillies for modesty. :)
What fun night. Thanks Andy and Meghan! I hope for many more of these as the summer progresses!

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Allyson said...

HAHAHA!!! Nice camera work! :) That boy. I can confirm that he did NOT pee in the grass at Ryan's sister's outdoor wedding this weekend! We had to prep him LOTS for that to be a success! :)