Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ballet Class

Libby started a ballet class at church with the co-op. It's so fun to see her in such a different setting that she's not used to. Sitting still with a bunch of other girls following instructions from a teacher that's not her Mom.
She loves it and has already learned a bunch! I went the first class and snapped a few pics, but I wish I had my camera on costume day, when they all got to where their new costumes they got for their recital in May. They were SO cute! I love this class and Christen McCuiston does a great job of leading them in a gentle manner.

Libby doing the circle dance (where they dance around the outside of the circle then do a curtsy and sit down).
 Woops, too far.
 Love this one!

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Allyson said...

Sooo cute! You'll have to let me know when their recital is--we may try to come!!