Thursday, February 09, 2012

A new Aunt!

Fixed Camera and Christmas
I finally got my camera fixed and am so excited to be taking pictures again! Hence the slew of blog posts. Time is so limited lately, especially time sitting at a computer desk! So I don't make it downstairs as often as I used to. Especially since I got an Ipad for Christmas! Thanks so much to my Mom and Dad! I now can check my email upstairs as well as look quick things up on the internet that I used to have to find time for downstairs.
Speaking of Christmas, I don't think I ever posted about how blessed we were this year. It was a great Christmas all around, for the kids and us, from both families. Thanks so much for your gifts everyone!
Matt got me a used piano and I love having it! It's pretty out of tune so my playing sounds pretty bad, but I'm just thankful to brush up on my playing skills! I love it, thanks Bub!
Matt and I decided this year to get each other a family gift instead of big gifts for each other. So we got an Xbox and Kinnect. I love it! Especially Zumba dance and Just Dance 2. I actually sweated off a few pounds with the Zumba fitness workout! And Matt loves playing NCAA Football 2011 in his spare time (ha, like that exists!). Unfotunately, I think I got the better end of the deal here. We also have a Just Dance for kids that Libby enjoys playing when I actually set it up for her. I'll have to do a video post of that when I get a chance.

Anyways, here are a couple of pics I took of Libby when I got my camera back. Snack time... eating yogurt. And still so beautiful!
 Love her!!

Wedding Prep/Rehearsal

We are so excited to welcome Meghan to our family. She is now a Carr! Woohoo! Libby was the flower girl and Matt was the best man. I was so glad to have my camera working to get some shots of the Rehearsal.

Here is Meghan's Aunt directing everyone what to do and where to go:
 Practicing the vows.

 I think this one is so cute.
 Here is a picture I was able to catch on the actual wedding day. Everything went according to plan and seemed to go so smooth! I'm sure that's due to much hard work that nobody ever saw.
 Aww, they're so in love!

 The proud parents.
 The flower girl and ring bearer getting to know one another.
 Rehearsal's can be so boring for kids. Thankfully they had a soccer ball to kick around.
 And Ty, of course as congenial as ever, just crawled around on the floor looking absolutely adorable!
 Practicing walking running down the aisle. We weren't sure how they would actually do the day of the wedding and they ended up doing great! The held hands and looked adorable walking down the aisle!
 Here comes the bride (practice).
 Here comes the bride (for real!)

I'll post the rest of my wedding pics tomorrow.

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