Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Life is much busier with 2 kids! Hence the reason I am only now posting pics from Christmas. I didn't actually get any Christmas day as I took the day off from the camera to enjoy the time with family. I did video tape it, though.

Here is Christmas as Mammaw and Pappaws!

Excited about opening presents. Ty's first Christmas:
 Hooray for cute winter gear! She loves the new hat and scarf. Wish we had the weather to actually have use for it this year!
 Ty, who was by then sitting up and crawling, loved his new blocks! Definitely one of his favorite gifts! Thanks Uncle Andy and Aunt Meghan!

 Libby got some new dress-up (her favorite thing to play). Snow White!
 Of course she had to put it on. And of course she had to do some spins in her new dress!
 So beautiful!

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