Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Libby's (Actual) Birthday and Ear Piercing

I'm discovering more every year that a birthday right after Christmas is very hard. Libby will probably grow up not knowing what day her actual birthday is! On her actual birthday this year we tried to make it special, so we took her to the mall to get her ears pierced and then a Build-A-Bear. Well, Build-A-Bear was closed due to a power outage (of all days?!), but the piercing place was open for business. Libby had been looking forward to getting her ears pierced ever since Annie got hers and we've been talking about it. I wasn't sure how this would turn out as 1. I have incredibly sensitive ears (or used to), so I thought Libby might have the same, 2. Libby is a DRAMA QUEEN!, and 3. She is VERY sensitive to pain. Well, better now than never so there we went.

Prepping the ears. This actually turned out to be the most dramatic part. Not sure if it was the stranger with gloves on that scared her or not, but the tears came then.

 She did great and sat very still for the prep.
 Love the tear glistening on her cheek in this one. So sad. :(
 Daddy and Ty stayed on the outskirts of the show. Trying to "blend in" at Claire's! :)
 How old are you now? She's got that one down.
 We did both at once because I was sure if she knew what was coming, she'd never let them near the other ear. By the way, I never told her it was going to hurt. :) Didn't want her to flinch in preperation. Thought it might go smoother that way.

Ready.... And
 OUCH!!  She actually only cried for a few minutes, then she was good. And didn't care at all when I cleaned them every day. I was totally surprised!

Love this pic! Thanks, Aunt Donna, for being my photographer for the event!

Afterwards at home. Showing off her earings. She loves showing everyone her ears now! So cute, I love it!
 Model pose.
 Attempt at a smile?

This girl has got some attitude and loves posing for the camera!

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