Monday, February 20, 2012

Libby's Birthday Party

I already posted about Libby's actual birthday, so now on to her birthday party (In early February this year, I'm getting better! Last year it was early April :)
Anyway, there's not a whole lot to do in the winter months, especially with kids, so my choices are limited and many are pricey! Since Build-A-Bear was closed on her birthday, I thought just for the heck of it I'd check their prices for b-day parties. Turns out it's pretty affordable!

So Libby and a few of her girl friends got to build-a-bear for her birthday. It was a blast! Libby's first time there and she loved it!

She picked out a cute little dog. (Actually, she first picked out a bear, but we only have about a hundred of those laying around so I helped guide her choices to something new. :)
Not sure why it's so flat, some of the kids were not impressed.

Look at this diva, posing for the camera. :)

Ty was not impressed. Maybe when you're older, buddy. On a side note: I was surprised at the selection they actually had in boy's clothes for the bears.

Thankfully some of Ty's buddies tagged along as well. Here are the boys. Actually, none of them look too impressed with the place. Come on boys, it's all brightly colored and lit with a million things to stimulate your senses! Look alive!

They walked the whole crew through the process and did a great job keeping their attention.
"Put your bears on your head and march through the store."
 Annie, the youngest of the crew, actually followed along well.

"Everybody get in a circle and do the Hokie Pokie"
Libby's first time doing the Hokie-Pokie, she actually participated and did it. What a lame Mom I am, never having done it with her before.

Giving life to their bear's hearts. Squeeze it tight to give it a hug. Put it on your eye so it can see. Put it on your heart so it knows you love it, etc. They were actually pretty creative with this.

Stuffed and ready to be loved.

And loved it will be!

Cleaning them up.

Some of the bigger girls giving their bears a squeeze.

Group shot. Missing 1.

Loving on her cousin, Annie. I don't think any of her friends, cousins or her sibling appreciate Libby's aggressive affection. Hopefully she'll find a husband one day that will. :)

Group shot, Take 1. A little squabble going on with Libby, trying to be the boss.
 Take 2. Love how the 3 on the left are all posed and ready in every picture. Love Annie's face in this one.

After making birth certificates and picking out some cute clothes, we were off to the house for cake and pizza. I asked Libby several times what kind of cake she wanted. I made her a strawberry cake last year so I guess that's why she wanted it again this year. So here is her strawberry cake, with strawberry filling, strawberry icing and strawberries on top! I'll probably change something of it up next year, but it wasn't all that bad. So pink!!
 Thankfully, Libby doesn't care that the quality of my cake decorating has gone downhill. :)
So those last 2 links are re-caps of her last 2 birthday parties that I enjoyed reminiscing over. She's growing up too fast! I already miss my little munchkin! The cakes are in the blogs, I apparently was doing catch up in both of them so there's lots of stuff in them. After looking at them, I am very sad that we haven't had even 1 good snow this year to sled in or build a snowman. :) I was hoping for a March blizzard, but I don't think it'll happen. What's up with global warming? :)

She did a great job blowing the candles out this year! Only took 2 puffs.


Allyson said...

This is such a fun girly party!! Thanks for the blurb about boy outfits--we may have to take Gavin at some point! I had no idea!

Shannon said...

Actually, I meant to put this in the blog. I didn't think to ask her if her pup was a boy or a girl (she named it Thumper) until after we got to the car. Turns out it was a boy, and we got all girly outfits for it. Whoops. I assumed it'd be a girl.