Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meet Nala

We got a new puppy 3 weeks ago and finally decided on the name "Nala". Although I have to admit, I'm still not 100% settled on it. :)  She's a standard-type American Bulldog, not to be confused in any way with a Pitbull. She should get to be a good size and her paws are huge! The bigger, the better for me, being used to a Great Dane. :) What can I say, I love big dogs!

She's been doing great with housebreaking, although she's still a the stage where I have to watch her 100% when she's not in her crate. Needless to say, she's in her crate a lot.  She's coming along fast, though, and I hope that continues. I knew the work involved in a new puppy, but it's so worth it in the long run! And she is doing better than I thought. And I think I've already adjusted to the added work load.

She's as cute as can be. In the face, she looks a lot like the one from Return to Me. They are also in the new Cheaper by the Dozen and Homeword Bound. The new little rascals also has an American Bulldog, although Pete the Pup was originally a pitbull. Guess they got a bad rap between then and now.

 She is very smart and is picking up on the training fast.

 I had to at least get 1 human pic in here, even it it's not the best. By the way, in case you were wondering, I was playing with my 50 mil lens in these pics. Trying to figure out how to get great pics from it. That's why I have a ton of pup pics.

Like Ty, she LOVES to eat! But, unlike Ty, I limit how much she eats to the recommendations on the bag. Ty gets to eat as much as he can hold, and he does! Yet still, when we got her at 9 weeks and he was 9 months, she still outweighed him and was bigger than he was sitting down. I wish I'd gotten a pic of the two of them together, but that's vitrually impossible!

As you can tell, she's very alert and waiting for a command (or a treat :).

We love her already, but I have to say, I'm looking forward to her being a well behaved, grown dog and somewhat settled. That will probably not be for another year, so I guess I'd better just enjoy the puppy stage.

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