Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Funny how different the second kid has it. Libby was definitely in some sort of constraint in the bath at Ty's age. He went right from the baby bath to the big bath. (Although I'm tempted to pull out the seat now that he tries to crawl all over the tub when Libby's not with him.)

Libby thinks it's great fun to have Ty in the bath with her. He's the best bath toy ever made!

 The difference in these two's skin tones is great! They may get closer in the summer, but Ty has a darker, yellow-tinted skin tone and Libby has the nice white-pink tones. These pics don't do it justice.

My little man, with crazy eye brows. He's got some Irish man eyebrows that I have to try to keep in line.

Love his big blue eyes!
 They love bathtime! And I love being able to throw them in together!

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